Meet The Founder


Hey Friend Girl,
I'm Prissy, I am a Style Influencer & Stylist based out of North Florida.
I have been helping women dress themselves better and gain back their self confidence for over three years.
10 years ago, I started out in the fashion and beauty industry as a certified cosmetologist. While working behind the chair, I discovered my true passion in styling. The joy that I felt from helping women bolster in confidence helped me launch my styling agency Styles by Prissy Cocos, taking my fashion and beauty expertise further. 
In August 2019, I started creating style-boards on Instagram to highlight my styling and fashion expertise.  My simple & chic approach to style helps women dress themselves better using simple pieces in sophisticated ways, while capturing the attention of over 65K+ friend girls and inspiring them worldwide. 
  I love all things beauty, style & fashion. It's my passion. My goal as a stylist is to empower women to step out their comfort zone and cultivate their own unique style. 
I understand the importance of what style means and how it conveys a message to the world. I believe every woman should embrace her Chic & Sophisticated side and that starts with her style.