How can I shop SBPC Instagram Looks?

You can request SBPC Instagram links to shop or sign up for SBPC Divas Club. 

Can I add more than one service to my cart?

Yes, you can add as many services you'd like. You will receive your order all at once and emails on how to proceed.

 What happens after I pay and booked a service?

After payment is made, you'll receive a form to complete to give us an overview of your goals and help us get started on your styling session.

If you enroll into our monthly styling subscription, you will receive your styles within 10 mins.

Can I cancel my order? 

Yes, you can cancel your order within 24hrs by sending a email to us: hello@stylesbyprissycocos.co. 10% fee is deducted from cancellations within 24hrs. 

 When I make a payment, would there be any additional charges due?

Depending on session booked, if additional services have been discussed you will receive an invoice for all extra charges.

*Our monthly styling subscription, PC Style Lounge monthly fees does not change. Your lounge fee is the same monthly.

When I book a session, how can I schedule an appointment?

You will receive further details on how to schedule an appointment after you checkout.  

 How long will my styling session take?

Depending on session, 2-7 Business Days.

 Do you offer refunds?

No.  Booking a session with Styles by Prissy Cocos is a commitment to yourself. As long as you make a full commitment, I can assure you that my services will be exceptional. You wouldn't even consider a refund. You're gaining so much more than just a purchased session.

Will I get a copy of my session?

Yes, you will get a customized style-board and style-book for each session.

PC Style Lounge FAQ


How can I sign up for PC Style Lounge?

You can sign up for PC Style Lounge by purchasing the subscription of your choice. Once you sign up, you will start receiving your styles. 

Once I sign up, can I skip a month while enrolled?

Yes, you can update your subscription through your membership profile

What if I don't like the styles that are picked out for the month?

PC Style Lounge is at the discretion of Styles by Prissy Cocos; stylist Prissy. This subscription is a group styling service. No one style is personalized. If one of the styles does not fit your style, you may send a change of request to customer service. Additional fees may apply. 

Can I share my subscription services with my family/friends?

The PC Style Lounge is solely for paid subscribed members. Sharing of any kind is prohibited. However, You may refer your family and friends to the lounge. One of the perks of being a member is the referral program. For 3 or more referrals a month, you will receive one free pre-style added to your cart. Use your member's code to refer your family/friends.

If the system detects any sharing activity, the subscribed member will be notified and subscription will be canceled. Member can not re-enroll. 

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription by logging into your membership account. 

When is my payment due?

Your payment is due each month on the date you enrolled into the lounge. This payment is deducted from your recurring profile. You can update your payment details through your login account. 

When can I shop for my monthly styles?

The style catalog is available any time. You will have lifetime access to your emails and styles. 

Can I pay my membership fee early?

Yes, To pay your membership fee early, sign into your account or send us an email. 

How can I update my account information?

To update your account, please reach out to member@pcstylelounge.co  with your updated information and you can also update this information from your membership profile.

Can I view past month styles?

No, pervious styles are not available for viewing.

How can I schedule an appointment for personal styling services?

You can book your appointments through the membership site, by adding products to your profile. You will be billed for any additional services.

What happens if the styles are out of stock?

Before releasing the digital files we check each item to ensure your size is in stock. Being that PC Style Lounge has a large number of members we try to shop at clothing stores that have a wide selection of items and are known to be in stock. However, PC Style Lounge has no control over the merchants inventory or when its items are in stock/out of stock.

In most cases, submitting a request through the membership site will result in shopping for replacements, this request is up to staff and/or workload.

It's recommend to shop for your styles within 1-2 days to avoid missing out on your styles. 

Where can I send pics of my styles?

You can email us your beauty files  directly or tag us on the 'gram 

If I cancel my subscription, can I re-enroll?

Yes, if you cancel your subscription, you may re-enroll at anytime during open enrollment.  

No, if your subscription is canceled due to non payment and/or violation of membership.

How can I refer my family and friends?

You can refer your family and friends by using your members code and referral link. Referrals can visit our main website www.stylesbyprissycocos.co under "PC Style Lounge" to enroll. Referrals must use your members code at sign up.

What can my members code be used for?

Your members code can be used to refer family/friends, receive discounts & exclusive members perks. 

What happens when I miss a payment?

You will no longer receive your weekly styles until payment is paid in full and your membership is active.

When a membership is cancelled due to non-payment, you will not be allowed to re-enroll. 

If I am late paying my membership fees, will late fees apply?

No, your account will automatically become inactive if a payment is missed. You can re-enroll by paying your membership fee.